A Life-Changing Kale Prep Technique

August 17, 2016

Hi! I hope you are enjoying your summer! We are now entering my favorite part of summertime: full-fledged harvest season! Bring on the veggies. Right now the kale in my garden is exploding and I have an endless supply of these dark, nutrient-rich leaves to eat. Kale chips, sautéed kale & eggs, kale salads… kale kale kale. 

Kale can get boring. 

Luckily, this weekend I went home to visit my parents, and my mom taught me a new trick that I think is going to totally revolutionize my kale intake. Maybe everyone else in the world is already doing this and I’m late to the game, but in case you haven’t tried this yet I want to share it with you because it makes kale consumption tastier and easier!

The secret is: put it in the food processor instead of chopping it! It gives you a much denser, easier to eat, tastier, and more versatile version of those tough kale leaves. 


The technique is pretty basic: you put the kale in the processor, hit pulse until it is down to the size pieces you desire, and voila! You’ve got perfectly chopped kale foryour salads, soups, scrambles, or sautéed greens. 


 With my food processor, I was able to use whole leaves, but with my mom’s I had to tear them up and do smaller quantities at a time. It will just depend on your machine!


I think I ate twice as much kale in one sitting when it was processed like this because it’s easier to chew (and probably easier to digest?) because it’s softened and you get a more dense amount of chopped kale per bite than you would if you grabbed a forkful of large pieces of torn leaves.

IMG_0235It also tastes better – I think it absorbed the oil and salt I added to it much more quickly than full leaves would. 


So there you have it – my life-changing kale technique. What do you think?! If you try it, let me know how it goes!

More kale posts coming soon! Enjoy the harvest season everyone. 

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    What a great idea! I’m going to try this. Thanks ?

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