about me

Hi! I’m Leilah, a MPH/Nutritional Sciences student and Registered Dietitian in training! I love food, hiking, coffee, and I’m a total National Park geek. I believe that food should taste good and be satisfying, that restrictions are ineffective and harmful, and that food can be a powerful tool to bring us health and enjoyment. To read more about my food philosophy, click here

I started this blog as a way to chronicle my own journey to becoming an RD, to share recipes that I love, and to write about the things I learn in grad school. Nutritional science is a constantly evolving and growing field; likewise, our own personal journeys with food and health can be complicated, exciting, and ultimately rewarding and life-changing. That’s why I called my blog “Evolving Eats”!

I hope this blog will help you find fun, healthy recipes, science-based nutrition information, restriction-free encouragement, and that it can help you on your own journey with food, wherever you may be!