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Graduate School: Autumn Quarter, 2016

September 12, 2016

I’m starting grad school soon! Just a few more weeks and I’ll be sitting in a classroom again, overly caffeinated and ready to learn. I’m going to do a little series here on my blog about my grad school experience for those of you who are curious about the process of becoming an RD or getting your MPH, and so that anyone can see what I’m up to in grad school. 

My first quarter (we have quarters here which are 10 weeks long) I have 7 classes (15 credits):

  • Intro to Epidemiology -EPI 511A (4 cr.)
  • Society and Health -HSERV 510A (3 cr.)
  • Graduate Seminar: Current Issues in Nutrition -NUTR 500A (1 cr.)
  • Food and Society -NUTR 513A (2 cr.)
  • Nutrition & Metabolism I -NUTR 520A (3 cr.)
  • Nutrition Research Design -NUTR 529A (1 cr.)
  • Practice Experience (GCPD class) -NUTR 561A (1 cr.)

As the quarter goes on, I might do write-ups based on things I learn or projects I complete in my classes. At the end of the quarter I’ll do a big update to tell you what I’ve learned in my classes! 

I also got a TA position for the quarter, so I will be working 20ish hours/week with undergrad students. The class I’m working with is Introduction to Foods – I think it’s going to be as fun as it sounds! It’s all about how geography affects foods and culture across the globe. Hopefully the freshmen in the class find it as interesting as I do!  

So, let’s do this! 

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