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Roasted Beet Salad

July 9, 2016


I have had the most ridiculous struggle with my garden this year. I started seedlings indoors in February and spent hours caring for them and tending to them and making sure they had enough light… and then most of them died. Or they grew a little bit and then were eaten by slugs and moths. Ugh. It’s been rough. 

But these beets! They grew! They accepted the temper-tantrum-style weather that Seattle threw at them and grew anyway. So even though almost nothing else is coming out of my garden except spearmint for days (I didn’t even plant it, the people who lived here before us did, and it basically took over the entire yard.) I am happy to announce that these beets are beautiful and delicious! I roasted them up and threw them in a bowl of greens with some herbed goat cheese and a little balsamic vinaigrette – so simple, yet so decadent at the same time. 


There really isn’t even a recipe for this – I followed the Kitchn’s instructions for how to roast beets which is pretty simple but the timing varies greatly depending on the size of your beets so it requires that you pay attention or else your beets might burn/turn into mush. I made a basic vinaigrette with a little dijon – similar to this recipe from Real Simple. Toss your favorite greens in a bowl (I used spinach, arugula, and baby lettuce leaves) and some good cheese (I used goat cheese, but feta would be amazing as well!) and you are good to go! 


As soon as you can get your hands on some fresh beets from the market you should definitely make this salad! And let me know how it goes! Post a picture to Instagram and tag it with #evolvingeats!


Your turn! Tell me….

  • Do you like beets? Kyle hates them but I love them! What’s your favorite kind?
  • Do you garden? Any tips for a beginner like me? 

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